Start Video game character dating profiles

Video game character dating profiles

For example, I could probably work for hours on the forty-year-old woman who looks sixty, dreaming up more and more ways to describe her physically – but it would be much more productive to wait until she is in a scene and then see what opportunities present themselves…

You might think that age is the simplest thing to decide when creating profiles for your characters, but it isn’t always as straightforward as you would imagine. Well, nothing – so long as your novel doesn’t take place over a large number of years…

A character profile really only describes a character at a fixed point in time.

Once you put the character into a specific situation, during the writing phase, the right details can come much more easily.

So, don’t waste too much time on physical description when you create character profiles.

More often, your mind barely functions at all (or is that just me?

) If you do ever become stuck searching for the perfect name, try these reference sources…

It is rare that a person is called exactly the same thing by everyone they know…

Have you ever read a novel and mixed up the characters?

They might experience a riding accident which leaves them in a wheelchair, for example, or the murder of a loved one.

In such cases, you might feel the need to create two profiles for them, one pre-event and one post-event. Because to write convincingly about fictional characters at any given point in the novel, you need to know what they are like at that time.

Nevertheless, the more spadework you do on character creation at the outset, the stronger and more believable your characters will end up. If you are anything like most novel writers, you will probably go through several names for your story people until you settle on the right ones.