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Get a any ONE or the following for when you order a DBA, incorporation, or LLC from our company.

However, all money that you don't spend or somehow you will not be able to expense and justify to the IRS , you will have to pay taxes on that amount.

For example, you received $100,000 in contributions and you spent for charitable related purposes $50,000, you will have to pay taxes as personal income taxes for the $50,000.

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A Free Guide (coming soon) that will help you get a Tax Id Number in any US City, County or State is written by an attorney who has helped thousands of small business owners to set up their businesses. Besides getting a tax id you can also get business license services, a free consultation with a business attorney, or free information about Government Grants.

You will need a federal ID and a formation of a non profit corporation. You can also File a DBA business name registration and obtain the federal ID obtain both here at this site.

to open a bank account to deposit the contributions.

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