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Thus, SCP-2759 was re-classified as Euclid as of ██/██/████. I know you guys mess with weird shit, but this one hell of a trip.

Unlike SCP-2759, SCP-2759-E1 is the only temple complex with architectural deviations from the original Ziggurat of Ur, including a spacial anomaly at the center that is defined as SCP-2759-E2. You'll find at least one camera should have stayed with your person. As they approach the zenith, subject pans camera around, revealing the expanses of fog to stretch on around SCP-2759-E1 in all directions. With some convincing, one individual, possessing scales and a flat, widened forehead, tentatively reaches out and accepts a piece.

SCP-2759-E1's environment and atmosphere are unknown. It is presumably breathable and generally considered cold, humid and subject to a dense fog that surrounds the complex proper. D-3733 is seen scaling the side of the temple complex. One wall of the structure seems to have collapsed, and waves from a dark ocean on the other side roll in, pooling in the far side, across from the door back into SCP-2759-E1. All individuals seem to be emaciated and vary widely in physical characteristics. All appear to be sapient and intelligent to a degree, conversing with one another in various unknown languages ranging from heavily distorted Sumerian to hisses and clicks. Creatures step back cautiously as D-3733 approaches. Two weeks after the start of the exploration, a personal log book of the late agent Richard Larenz was discovered on the grounds of SCP-2759.

Through extensive testing, the following factors have been found to influence what will ultimately be transferred to SCP-2759-E1: GPS positioning systems fail to trace the location of SCP-2759-E1, however, audiovisual transmissions can still be received with decent clarity when receivers are placed within .4km of SCP-2759, SCP-2759-1, or the original temple complex. After approximately one minute, camera feed comes live, revealing a full frame of gray fog. The "seats" of the structure grow larger and steeper as they move outward, becoming impossible to peer over and reaching an unknown height. After one hour of radio silence, it was assumed that none of the broadcast equipment successfully transferred to SCP-2759-E1.

Media suppression tactics successful in limiting knowledge of manifestation. Cant see maybe ten feet in any direction outside the temple.