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Conducting intimidating

It can be challenging to maintain a positive atmosphere, especially in a challenging or high-pressure workplace.

The guidelines and interview strategies are based upon best practices in the United States regarding sexual assault incident investigations and were developed in collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, medical, and forensic professionals.

The guidelines aim to support officers and departments in preparing sexual assault cases for successful prosecution through detailed case documentation and thorough investigations, covering: standardized case coding and clearance; report writing; victim interview; suspect interrogation; investigation; and working with vulnerable populations. (Cathy Zimmerman and Charlotte Watts for the World Health Organization, 2003).

This report is a resource for researchers, media, and service providers with limited experience working with trafficked women.

Meetings are a way of sharing, within a group of individuals, the same level of knowledge of a subject or a problem and of making decisions collectively.

Additionally, decisions made collectively, with representatives of the various entities involved, will be much more easily accepted by all concerned.

Consider ending meetings with everyone around the table making note of a positive event or interaction from the week before.

You can add some levity to your meetings and make participants feel more positive by providing food or drink, conducting a raffle for small prize giveaways or you can move the meeting outside, such as to a restaurant or park.

Occasional team-building activities can also create a positive vibe.