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Christian serratos dating edi gathegi

A tear slipped down my cheek as the cuts began to burn. Carlisle paused for a moment, but he continued a few seconds later. " His no longer held any anger, but hurt and disbelief that I would do this. I am a pathetic excuse for a human and a terrible daughter and sister.

I grabbed a dirty towel from the hamper and held it under my arm. " Carlisle walked towards me, his gaze hardening into slight anger. "Give me your arm." "Carlisle-" "Jade, give me your arm.

One of his arms was around my back, his hand buried in my hair. The sobbing girl in my arms told me I had underestimated just how far she was into this pain.

She clung to me like I would disappear, her legs and arms wrapped around me.

I drew the knife across the underside of my right arm. " Apparently, Carlisle had changed and had come back to see me before he went to work. I shut my eyes and turned around, the knife hid in the towel that was now wrapped around my arm. I can smell the blood." I turned my head and moved my right arm so it was in his view.