Start Charlie day dating waitress

Charlie day dating waitress

A totally-dead-inside-woman tends not to complain when you ask for a second ketchup bottle at 3 AM because your friend drank the one that was on the table. This can make a man feel as good as sex, without all of the awkward apologizing afterwards. Waitresses have excellent memories and that makes them look smart. In the days of yore, a woman with a sharp mind could be relied upon to remember where the man put the spear, the milk, the codpiece, the fire, the wimpy baby, the warrior baby, etc.

You can tell a lot about a person by watching them work.

Meanwhile back at the bar, the guys looking up at a bee hive in the corner.

It was a pretty ridiculous bee hive and Charlie was poking it with a broom handle, but he wasn’t worried about being stung he was more worried about ruining the honey inside.

When a waitress comes to your table, the following things happen: menus appear, food appears, booze appears, a woman appears, more booze appears, the table is cleaned, ice cream makes an appearance and sometimes there is sassy give-and-take.

This makes a man–even the ugliest, homeliest man–think that he has an actual shot with her.

He wanted to take the hive and move it to the basement so that they would always have delicious honey.

It turns out it was a hornets nest and the Charlie wasn’t sure if they produced honey or not, but either way he figured there was something delicious inside and he wanted to keep it.

Nothing goes as planned and Charlie’s mom ends up throwing a drink all over Dee instead of the Waitress while Mrs.