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Cell dating keyword online phone

Analyzing keyword performance, discovering new keyword opportunities, and determining which keywords to focus efforts on can be painstaking when you have thousands of keywords to review.

We will be using the more complex query to extract organic keyword visits for a specific date field and filter by the number of visits.

If this is the case, make sure to keep each array of search volumes aligned in the same columns.

No API required here, Google’s Webmaster Tools provides a pretty easy way to download its search query data.

Your formula should look something like this: =array Get Ad Words Stats(Keyword List,”EXACT”,”US”,”WEB”) You should now have 12 months of historical search volumes and averages for all your keywords.

Note: If your keyword list is greater than 800 keywords, you will have to break out the list into a few separate tables just to perform API calls for those keywords.

The query I use for example, will output visits, average time on site, page views, and bounces for any keyword with 5 or more visits in the last 30 days.

However, you can modify the parameters to your liking.

In the adjacent column create a table where the cells equal the values in the pivot table column.