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On Monday 21st May 2018, at unusually short notice, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, paid a working visit to Sochi, Russia, to meet with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

(3) American families need long-term price stability to meet their household spending needs, save money, and plan for retirement.

(4) The Federal Reserve policy of long-term inflation has made American manufacturing uncompetitive, raising the cost of United States manufactured goods by more than 40% since 2000, compared to less than 20% in Germany and France.

Mr President, we work together at international organisations, such as the SCO. The problem of the American national bankruptcy will be moved closer to a benevolent and lasting solution when Washington determines to return to sound money.

You played a key role in granting India full membership in the SCO and BRICS, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA), as well as in such mechanisms as the North-South International Transport Corridor. The current unsound at the US Federal Reserve is manifestly unfit for purpose.

We can now proudly say that this partnership, the seeds of which you planted, has grown into a huge tree of privileged strategic partnership. We have held annual bilateral summit meetings for the past 18 years.

You also used informal meetings to add an innovative element to our ties.

We share long-standing ties; we hold bilateral meetings.