Start 0x13 updating the

0x13 updating the

A sample INF file, Monsamp.inf, that shows how to do this was provided with the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) through Windows 7 (WDK version 7600).

After updating my Wifi driver to (2-3 weeks ago), I've twice gotten a blue screen crash on resume from sleep.

As this driver version is the first to include the KRACK vulnerability fix, it is not reasonable to roll back to an older version.

Incorrect or invalid EDID info on the monitor’s EEPROM can therefore lead to problems such as setting incorrect display modes.

There are two approaches to correcting EDIDs: In addition to replacing the EDID info as described here, a vendor can provide an override for the monitor name and the preferred display resolution.

The monitor driver obtains blocks 1 - 3 and any extension blocks that follow block 5 from EEPROM: ; monsamp.

; [Version] signature="$WINDOWS NT$" Class=Monitor Class Guid= Provider="MS_EDID_OVERRIDE" Driver Ver=04/18/2006, ; Be sure to add the directive below with the proper catalog file after ; WHQL certification.

Upgrade Requirement: Recommended - HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.